Monday, March 19, 2012

Searching for the arms

I am searching for the arms
Which held me safely when I was born
I am searching for the hands
Which catched me before I was meant to fall when starting to walk
I am searching for the hands
Which held be tightly while walking on the streets
I am searching for the hands
Which hugged me when I was worrying
I am searching for the hands
Which tapped gently on my shoulder on my success
I am searching for the hands
Which warned me when I was wrong
I am searching for the hands
Which showed me the right path
I am searching for the hands
Which bought me everything I needed
Yes, I am searching not only the hands but also the person to whom those hands belong, who said good bye to this world on my birthday (Jan 22nd 2012), today to greet him with birthday wishes. But I couldn't find him. Happy Birthday dad. Missing you so much......................

Yours Lovingly,

Your Lovable Hearts.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lucky with Orange

Last night I had a severe fever, with a temperature of around 101 Degree Fahrenheit My father gave a tip which he read it from a book. The tip is that to drink the orange juice by mixing it with the hot water. Same way I bought a orange juice with no sugar and water added to it. Then I took hot water and mixed the orange juice with it and drank it. By the grace of the Almighty, within three hours I found my body temperature reduced and the next morning I was fresh and turned back normal.

So my dear friends please try this natural way of medicines...................

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lucky on Chennai Bus Routes

Hello My dear friends here is most useful information for you. Ok let me ask you a question most of us do stay in Chennai and how many of you all know the bus routes to go to your desired places?

Here is the solution to know your bus routes with out any difficulties. All you have to do is just click the link below and just get your bus routes along with fares.

Click this link and then click Routes--->Routewise info. You will get a page with a drop down list box with bus routes in it. Select a bus route and click search it will display the route through which the bus passes.

Here is the one more link.

In this link there will be two text boxes labeled from and to just type in the places and will suggest the buses t board on  and you can make your journey safe.

Isn't this a useful information for you all ?

Your comments are welcomed to make the blog more informational.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lucky On October 18 2009

Hello friends once again a most memorable day in my life was the day Oct 18 2009, coz on this day only I joined a get-to-gather  with my old school friends. The name of the school is Seventh day adventist Matriculation Higher Secondary School, T.Kallipatti, Periyakulam, Theni District, Tamilnadu, India. In this school I studied from Ist standard to 4th standard only, then from 5th I joined a school at Chennai and so on.

Orkut played very wonderful role in uniting all of us. Only through orkut only I able identify my old friends in the community for school. By sending request to friends I able to get their contact numbers and we shared words with each other after a long long time which would be around some 17 years. It was really a amazing day at our school. It was really a pleasure to be with the friends whom we are meeting after a long time. Around 40 of them turned up to this event.

At 11.00 in the morning we all gathered at our school and we all introduced our present status to each other and we shared our feelings and spent that day joyfully and we also planned to call all the person who unable to attend this year for the next years gathering and we all suggested some ways to improve our communications with each other. Finally we all had a good dinner and had a photo session and we all greeted each other and started from there to our daily routine.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lucky on Right

Hello My Dear Friends,

Here is the first blog from your friend Ahamed Mukthaar. I have already posted a blog but it didn't give me any response and so I decide to delete it and start a new blog with more information which would help all. So this is my introductory message and soon you will get to see me in action. And I'll be back with the loaded guns.

So dear friend kindly do give me your suggestions for this blog to become a great sucess.

Here's The right time which led to me to start.

Am lucky on right


Ahamed Mukthaar.

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